We are always on the lookout for the best spots in the Bay of Islands for the perfect Instagram-worthy photo that expresses just how great the experience is up here.

And to be honest, it doesn’t take a hard look to find spots that are breath-takingly beautiful, but Donkey Bay Inn is surprisingly eclectic and quirky and a hidden gem on the outskirts of Russell.

Come with us for a tour of the most Instagrammable hotel in the Bay of Islands.


Donkey Bay Inn treats every guest as royalty by escorting them to and from the grounds in their vintage Daimler. Draws around you will drop and people in the town of Russell will stop to see who it is that’s getting a ride in this classic car.


The Yellow Tunnel

As you enter through the unique yellow outdoor corridor, you’ll be surprised at the living roof and lush greenery that greet you at the front door. This area alone provides incredible photo ops that will keep you snapping for hours.

Women yellow tunnel


The Living Room

Complete will expansive fireplace and portrait of water-skiing Princess Margaret, the living room at Donkey Bay Inn is a place of discovery. Pose on the delicious velvet, curving couch or bask in the sun while reading a book. The living room opens onto a patio area complete with bean bag chairs and view of Long Bay Beach. Grab a glass of wine and capture the Bay of Islands sunset with someone special.


The Rooms

Donkey Bay Inn is a boutique hotel new to the Bay of Islands with four rooms to choose from; Skyfall, the Emperor’s Suite, Tosca’s Room and DB5. Each with their own stunning views of the bay and decadent interior design, you won’t be disappointed in whichever room you choose.

Emperor's Suite 007 Skyfall,
The Emperor’s Suite, from 007 Skyfall,


The Emperor’s Suite is in special need of highlight for it’s personal conservatory with bohemian wallpaper, indulgent four-post bed and a spacious bathroom fit for a king. From your spot in the conservatory, you can relax and watch the sunrise over the islands in the distance as you sip your espresso coffee made fresh in the kitchen just a step away.

Women reading


The Outdoor Tubs

Those searching Instagram for a romantic getaway will be jealous of your picture-perfect moment in the outdoor tubs. Enjoy this moment with a loved one under the stars, serenaded by the wild kiwis nearby. Named the most seductive adults-only hideaway by journalist Brook Sabin, these baths are the creme de la creme of your stay at Donkey Bay Inn.

The Sculpture Garden and Beach

After breakfast, take a walk down to the secluded beach past the sculpture garden with its unique artistry, crystals and gems.  Pause for a moment to meditate in the view overlooking Long Beach before heading down the path to the beach.


Once you arrive you won’t want to leave and any plans you’ve made will be cancelled. Donkey Bay Inn is the destination and your Instagram feed won’t be disappointed.Book the Donkey Bay Inn

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