If you’ve only got a short time to spend in the Bay of Islands, there is a great experience that will make the most out of your 24 hour visit. 

The Rock Adventure Cruise is one of the Bay of Islands overnight cruises and it’s unique in that it offers an unforgettable experience with activities that are a little out of the box.

Instructor from the Bay Of Islands


Top 6 things to get up to on The Rock


Paintballing Off the Back of the Boat

If you ever thought paintballing was a challenge, try aiming at a moving plastic duck tethered to the back of a houseboat sailing through the gorgeous scenery of the Bay of Islands. It’s the perfect way to get to meet your fellow sailors and have a little fun breaking the ice.


Discovering Phosphorescent Plankton While Night Kayaking

There are only a handful of places around the world where you can easily find the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Lucky for us, the skipper on the Rock knows the best places to find this anomaly in the Bay of Islands and you can do so while kayaking under the stars right from the back of the boat.

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Watching the Sunrise from Sea

After spending the night in a cosy cabin, wake up to watch the sun climb over the islands in the Bay with a hot cuppa in hand. There’s nothing more calming than to be present in the early light of day and contemplate life in paradise.

Sunrise sea

Snorkeling and Diving for Kina

Kina are sea urchins endemic to New Zealand and are found everywhere in the Bay of Islands. The crew on the Rock will take you and the family out snorkeling in the beautiful crystal clear waters to look for kina, pirate treasure or whatever else it is that the kids can imagine.

Diving Bay of Island
Diving Bay of Island


Paddle Boarding in Paradise

Once in a calm cove, you have the opportunity to try a bunch of different water activities including kayaking, fishing, swimming and of course paddle boarding which is a very fun and unique way to explore the coast life of the 144 islands in the Bay. The crew are extremely helpful and will teach you everything you need to know to try something new!

People on a boat


Exploring the 144 Islands

Everyone who stays on board The Rock agrees that one of their favourite activities is hiking the islands. The skipper will stop at an island of choice for that day, with the freedom of going where the crew and passengers want to go that day. There are so many incredible islands to explore that can only be reached by boat, and this is the perfect way to check them out.

Bay of Islands view
A magnificent view from one of the Islands


If you are looking for things to do in the Bay of Islands, get the most out of your short visit on the Rock Adventure Cruise.

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