Vigilant Yacht Charters are one of the incredible small businesses that offer authentic ways to experience the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. If you’re looking for a way to acquaint yourself with the Bay of Islands away from the crowds and cruise ships, here are four of the best reasons why Vigilant Yacht Charters should [...]
New Zealand is home to some o spectacular big game fishing and the Bay of Islands is no exception. If you want the thrill, the chase, and adrenaline pumping excitement that comes with big game fishing, the Bay of Islands is the place for you. As early as 1926, American writer Zane Grey enthusiastically described [...]
If you’ve only got a short time to spend in the Bay of Islands, there is a great experience that will make the most out of your 24 hour visit.  The Rock Adventure Cruise is one of the Bay of Islands overnight cruises and it’s unique in that it offers an unforgettable experience with activities [...]