Pou Herenga Tai is a beautiful and scenic cycle trail through Northland’s rural heart.

Eventually, the Twin Coast Cycle Trail will join the Hokianga and the Bay of Islands, two areas of Northland that are steeped in early New Zealand History, both Maori and European.

The Kaikohe-Okaihau section of the trail takes you on a gentle tour of rural Northland, over good terrain and with no steep gradients. This is the perfect day trip for those wanting to enjoy the rich nature of the Far North at a leisurely pace, taking 2-3 hours (although, with Top Trail’s self-guided tours, YOU set the pace!).

Features of this section include:

• Kaikohe: sites of early Maori-European contact and conflict and the Heritage Kaikohe complex with that tells the story of early settlement and transport.  Pioneer Village, shops Cafes, toilets etc.
• Ngawha Springs: hot springs with reputedly therapeutic waters (6km east of Kaikohe)
• Lake Omapere: the Far North’s largest natural lake

• Okaihau: hub of early agricultural settlement, Cafe, toilets, dairy.

• The rail tunnel: between Kaikohe and Okaihau pass through an historic 80m rail tunnel.

Section South of Kaikohe is currently 6kms.

Kaikohe – Okaihau section 14kms.

Okaihau – Maungataraire Road section 14kms

Total 34kms.


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