Target Charters - Bay Of Islands

Target Charters

This is Northland’s true marine playground; for us however, there’s only one thing worth getting up at 5am for – one activity worth spending hours on the water, worth travelling across mountains and seas to visit our fair shores for – and that’s fishing!

Here at Target Charters, we provide a hands-on, personalised fishing charter experience like no other. Fishing in the Bay of Islands is a unique experience in itself, with dolphin encounters happening on a regular basis, astonishing sea-life surrounding you from the moment you leave the wharf and even – on some lucky trips – the occasional whale sighting! Our experienced skipper knows many secret fishing spots, local fishing areas that produce some of the best fishing in Northland.

We have fishing trips for the family, fishing trips for the dedicated fisher, big game fish trips and group trips – from a comfortable 4 hour experience to a massive 9 hour day, whatever your level of experience or your level of commitment, we have the fishing trip to suit your needs and your budget.

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