The Methodist Church’s Mission in Aotearoa New Zealand is to reflect and proclaim the transforming love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and declared in the Scriptures.

We are a mainstream, ecumenical parish that tries to be inclusive and outreaching.

Apart from worship services, marriages and funerals, the church building has come to be accepted as a venue for a range of community activities – daycare for differently-abled, Alzheimer’s Support, and club meetings.

The retirement of our part-time minister in 1996 began a new era for our parish. The Lay Ministry Team of four or five elders now does all the work needed to maintain the parish’s ministry and mission.

We offer:

* Services every Sunday at 9:30am. Christian World Service.
* A “time out” programme
* Support for the Moerewa Day Care Centre.

Ministers are welcome to spend a weekend in one of the cottages in return for conducting worship on Sunday – but bookings are essential.


Family Friendly

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