Vigilant Yacht Charters are one of the incredible small businesses that offer authentic ways to experience the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. If you’re looking for a way to acquaint yourself with the Bay of Islands away from the crowds and cruise ships, here are four of the best reasons why Vigilant Yacht Charters should be your must-do excursion.

Low Visitor Capacity

With an onboard maximum of ten visitors and two crew, you definitely won’t feel crowded or claustrophobic on this boat. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out and meet each person you’re traveling with. Sometimes the best experiences come out of the people you meet and you’ll be able to swap traveling stories and share the best places to see with other passionate visitors to New Zealand.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a friend or in a group, there’s plenty of space to feel the exclusivity of this charter and catch a photo of any playful sea life that might swim by!

Vigilant Yacht Charters Low Visitor Capacity
Low Visitor Capacity

Farm to Table Experience

Knowing the impact your visit is having on the destination has become a hot topic recently, but Vigilant Yacht Charters is just as much aware of environmental impact as you and wants to provide an authentic experience in all aspects.

During your day voyage into the island, you’ll be provided with a beautiful healthy lunch picked right from the owner/operators veggie patch on their acreage just outside of Russell. If you’d like, you can learn about Nathalie’s experience in growing these veggies and how it’s important to her and Nik that they can provide this sustainable method of serving their guests.

And, in an effort to battle the plastic waste in oceans, Nik and Nat provide glasses that can be refilled anytime from the cabin supply. Rubbish was collected in a container rather than plastic bag to be composted or disposed of correctly.

Women on a boat Vigilant Yacht Charters
Vigilant Yacht Charters

Caring Crew

On Vigilant Yacht Charters, the crew are refreshed every single day with a group of visitors they are eager to get to know personally. During your cruise out to the islands, you can choose to relax and look at the view or hear the sailing stories and history of the land from your crew.

Nathalie is happy to answer any questions you may have about the landscape, wildlife or culture and heritage of the Bay of Islands to make sure you feel like a local once you leave.

Landscape Vigilant Yacht Charters

Plenty of Activities

Not only will you get to experience the beautiful views of the Bay of Islands from the sea, you’ll be able to stand foot on one of the islands and play like a local. Here are some of the activities you can choose to do once anchored in bay:

  • Relax on the beach with a book
  • Hike to the island peaks and get a bird’s eye view of the BOI
  • Tramp along the trails and enjoy native birds and flora
  • Snorkel to discover schools of tropical fish
  • Go for a swim in the salty sea
  • Kayak around the mini islands and coastlines

Whether you want to do a little or a lot, you’ve got plenty of options all prepared by Vigilant Yacht Charters.

Check out Vigilant Yacht Charters and book yourself an authentic Bay of Islands experience!

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