Bay of Islands Right to recharge - Sailing and the Duke

Recharge: Sailing and the Duke

Recharge: Sailing and the Duke


This package combined the elegance of a historic hotel with the elegance of sailing (or, the inelegance of learning to sail!) in the Bay of Islands.

You will check in to your first night of two at The Duke of Marlborough, a beautiful old historic hotel restaurant – it’s right on the Russel Waterfront and the veranda views are spectacular.
The next day you’re sailing. The two-day Spring Sailing course gives you an excellent introduction to the sport (no prior experience necessary). Casting off from the dock at 9.30am, you’ll be sailing the beautiful Bay of Islands with your instructor during the day and safely tied up to the dock or on a mooring out in the islands for your night aboard.
You’ll be back on land at 5pm the next day: you’ll certainly appreciate your bed at the Duke, but you’ll be treasuring the adventure, the memories and your newfound sailing skills for years to come.


Package includes:

Two nights for two at The Duke of Marlborough
Two day Spring Sailing course with Great Escapes Yacht Charters


$1,109.50 (valued at $1,455.00)