Saltshaker Charter Fishing - Bay Of Islands

Saltshaker Charter Fishing

Marlin, Big Game and Light Tackle Fishing . BAY OF ISLANDS & THE THREE KINGS, NEW ZEALAND Saltshaker charter fishing offers its clients the extreme game fishing experience from The Bay of Islands to The Three Kings. New Zealand’s hottest game fishing grounds.

Choosing the right location, right skipper & right vessel is the key to deep sea fishing success. If you are visiting the bay & are passionate about catching big fish then give us a call, your enjoyment is guaranteed. Being a small family owned business and traveling anglers ourselves we understand the difference that personal service, sincerity and genuine passion can make towards having the best fishing experience.

Owner Scott, son Guy, Paddy and crew can think of nothing better than working and playing on the sea and the challenge of hunting big fish! Sharing these special adventures with anglers from all around the world makes it even more fun and our family has gained many life long international friendships.

We are also very flexible during our cruises and can easily switch from hunting marlin or targeting light tackle world record Kingfish to exploring an island or diving for fresh scallops or crayfish for dinner.

Saltshaker is able to organise the processing, smoking and delivery of your catch and to enable you to show off your catch, we are also able to get it mounted, on request.

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