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Great Escape – Sail Yourself Yachts

Sail yourself sailing holidays.

Escape reality live out a dream – do exactly what you want it’s your boat, you’re the skipper, you are making the choices.  Set sail in the sheltered waters of the Bay of Islands.  Steeped in maritime history, follow the voyages of the whalers and early settlers.  Drop anchor in a secluded bay, laze on a deserted beach, swim or snorkel in the clear water, walk the fantastic bush tracks and enjoy the prolific birdlife and other wildlife.

We have a fleet of affordable well-maintained NZ designed and build yachts, trailer-boats and power-boats you can hire.  For experienced sailors, hire a boat for a day or a week.  All the safety equipment and cruising gear is aboard.  We give you a through briefing on the vessel and navigation in the bay, then you cast off.  For less experienced sailors we can teach you to sail and handle the boat, then you can cast off. Our most popular course is the six-day liveaboard adventure; three days with an instructor then three days cruising by yourselves in our beautiful Bay-of-Islands.  Gain a valuable recreational maritime qualification, our courses include Yachting New Zealand Keelboat Level 1-3 and International Yacht Training (IYT) Bareboat Skipper with International Certificate of Competence endorsements available.

We’d love to have you come sailing with us.

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Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm

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